pasture raised meat and eggs

Duck Meat


Duck meat is, hands down, one of our most favorites, and we are thrilled to be able to offer free range, GMO- and soy-free pastured duck meat this year! Duck is a lean meat full of deep flavor that is surrounded by a thick layer of a rich, flavorful fat that, when rendered, becomes the perfect cooking oil for eggs, veggies, and more. It makes for a truly delectable meal! 

We highly recommend saving any rendered fat to add to roasted vegetables or to use in place of other oils in your baked goods. You can also boil the leftover bones down into a nutritious bone broth for soups or that you can use to cook rice and other grains and legumes. This way, you can multiple meals out of a single bird, as well as more nutrition in your diet!

Turkey Meat


We LOVE turkeys, in case you hadn't already guessed that from our farm name. While our turkeys do get some GMO- and soy-free grain, they are expert foragers, who help to fertilize our farm's soil and clean up any produce that's too damaged or overripe to sell. It's a theme here, at Gobble-Berry: the more wild the diet is, the more nutrient dense the food is! By the time a turkey is ready for harvest it is a fully mature bird, which translates into richer flavor, higher content of healthy fats, and more mineral-rich bones - a big bonus for those who have discovered the super food that bone broths can be!

Our turkeys are a cross between the heritage Bourbon Red breed, and a white broad-breasted turkey, which is the type most often found in stores. While we have not seen this combination of breeds before, we are excited to see the results this Fall! The flavor profile of heritage breed turkeys is more full of depth than your average bird, and our hope is that this mixed breed will be a match made in heaven. You can expect our turkey to be a little smaller than one from the store, but you will never taste any as delicious as a Gobble-Berry turkey! 

Free range, GMO-free eggs from the happiest birds around!


We are proud to offer delicious, free range duck and chicken eggs fresh from our farm! At Gobble-Berry our chickens roam free throughout our orchard and our ducks are as happy as can be on pond and pasture. While we do feed some GMO- and soy-free grain, our birds keep themselves busy foraging insects and wild greens, and get their fill of any produce that is too damaged or overripe to sell. To put it simple, our birds are free to be birds, and this results in the most nutritious and delicious eggs money can buy!

Not sure of the difference between duck and chicken eggs? They're both fantastic, but there are some differences. A duck egg is around 50% larger than the average jumbo chicken egg, with a proportionately larger yolk, as well (1 duck egg = approximately 1.5 chicken eggs), though our eggs are priced to be around the same cost per ounce. Duck eggs contain almost twice the amount of healthy fats as chicken eggs which means a richer flavor profile with a slightly more firm texture, but also makes them an ideal addition to baked goods and certain diets, such as keto. Some individuals who are sensitive to chicken eggs are even able to tolerate duck eggs! 

In both our duck and chicken eggs you will find the beautiful, bright orange yolks that are the classic sign of nutrient dense eggs, but the choice is yours! We are sure you will be happy with Gobble-Berry eggs, no matter which ones you go with.