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real food. real nutrition. real change.

 The Rebel Food Alliance is an educational partnership that brings the vibrant nutrition of fermented, locally-grown foods fresh from the farm to your table. It is the brain-child of Elisha and Elizabeth Somerville, owners of Gobble-Berry Farmstead. As self-taught permaculture farmers, herbalists, home brewers, and fermentationists, we are the driving force behind The Rebel Food Alliance. We believe that access to real food, cottage industry products, plant medicine, and the know-how for creating these things are the rights and responsibilities of a healthy, thriving community. We believe that holistic nutrition begins in the growth of healthy soil and ecosystems. We want the way we eat to honor the nature and life cycles of the land, plants, and animals that we derive our sustenance from every day. 

The Rebel Food Alliance is a celebration of the alchemy that takes place in the microbial world. When foods grown in healthy soil turn into lively ferments and we partake of those vibrant foods, we have the knowledge that we are healing the earth as we heal our bodies. Our goal is to create pathways for people to learn and have access to “real food,” along with herbal formulas and everyday-use items, such as soaps and salves. We strive to meet this goal through sustainable farming and community-supported fermentation, herbalism, and agriculture. Our hope is that together, through The Rebel Food Alliance, we can break the hold that the industrial food system has on our region, and heal the world around us from the ground up.

“Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine.”

 - Henry David Thoreau


fermented veggies club!

How it works:


Membership: Members of The Rebel Food Alliance enjoy increasing their health, vitality, and knowledge of fermented foods through weekly or monthly deliveries of raw veggie ferments! Every member chooses the frequency of their deliveries, which can be made weekly or monthly, at previously determined pick-up locations. Members will receive one pint of a seasonal vegetable ferment for every week of membership, as well as 8 oz. of a fermented condiment/sauce/paste for every month of membership. A program for raw goat cheese is available seasonally in addition to regular membership (See “Goat Cheese” below). Paid membership is available in month-to-month, quarterly, and 1-year long increments (See “Pricing & Payment” below), and includes access to the following:

  • Choice between two conveniently located drop off/pick up locations.
  • Free weekly and/or monthly deliveries of raw, fermented foods.
  • Free delivery of any add-on’s or produce from Gobble-Berry Farmstead (See “Add-on’s” for details).
  • Membership in The Rebel Food Alliance’s private Facebook group, where members can learn about fermentation, find out what ferments are being made seasonally, get recipes and ideas for using their ferments, and get up-to-date information about the availability of seasonal products.
  • Priority access to limited Gobble-Berry Farmstead products. Though Gobble-Berry Farmstead sells products through many venues, availability is entirely first-come, first-serve. Alliance members will have the choice of purchasing products, such as eggs, meats, fresh produce, and more from Gobble-Berry Farmstead before the general public has access (See “Add-on’s”)
  • Reduced fees for educational workshops. (See “Workshops”)

Membership Fees & Deliveries: Without the proper licensing, inspection, and Grade A facilities, it is illegal to sell raw milk, cheese and fermented foods and beverages in the state of Virginia. The Rebel Food Alliance does not sell raw milk, cheese or fermented foods and beverages. All money exchanged within The Rebel Food Alliance is used to purchase ingredients that are then collectively owned by members, as well as grocery-buying services for the group. The collective decision of The Rebel Food Alliance members is that all items and ingredients purchased and owned by The Rebel Food Alliance would be cultured into fermented foods and beverages by a designated member (Elizabeth Somerville), to be consumed by group members. Fermented foods and beverages made and exchanged through The Rebel Food Alliance are considered to be group projects and are therefore not being sold within the group, but are already owned by group members. These fermentation projects are used as a way to further the knowledge of traditional fermentation practices and homesteading skills among members. Delivery of fermented foods and beverages is free for all members of The Rebel Food Alliance. Pickup locations are currently located in Moseley, Stony point, and at our farm stand. More pick up locations may be added in the future, but will require a minimum of 3 members picking up per location.

Pricing & Payment: Membership fees are determined by the length of time an individual wishes to remain a part of The Rebel Food Alliance. Payment for membership is due at the time of a signed application form, and must be made before any deliveries can occur. Membership, as well as any add-on’s (See Add-on’s), can be paid by cash or check, or through PayPal. Alliance members will receive one pint of vegetable ferment per week, plus one 8 oz jar of fermented condiment/sauce/paste per month for as long as the membership is active. 

Membership options are as follows:

  • Month-to-Month: $45/month
  • Quarterly Membership: $120 ($40/month for 3 months)
  • One Year Membership: $450 ($37.50/month for 12 months)
  • Goat Cheese Program(month-to-month through Summer only): $40/month

Goat Cheese: The Rebel Food Alliance owns a significant share of the Gobble-Berry Farmstead dairy goat herd and therefore members collectively own the milk from that share. The collective decision of the members of the group is that all milk owned by The Rebel Food Alliance will be turned into cheese by a designated member (Elizabeth Somerville). Because the dairy herd produces more in the Summer, the goat cheese program is only available on a month-to-month basis during that time. Members who choose to join the goat cheese program will enjoy a weekly delivery of 8 oz of fresh, raw chèvre per week for the length of their program membership.

 Workshops: Quarterly educational workshops are an exciting part of the purpose of The Rebel Food Alliance. We hope to begin hosting workshops in the Fall of 2019. All workshops are open for the general public to attend, but alliance members will always receive $5 off the price of attending any given workshop. Workshop details will be announced through Facebook and email correspondence.

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