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About Gobble-Berry

Hello there!

We are Elisha and Elizabeth Somerville, the dreamers, builders, and growers of Gobble-Berry Farmstead. Growing great-tasting food with dense nutrition is our passion. Making food like this available to our community is our calling. Creating all of this as a family has its challenges, but there's nothing better than watching our kids, Judah and Avalee, fall in love with farm life, too!

Our farming methods are rather experimental and out-of-the-box, to say the least. We believe that the best food and the healthiest livestock is grown primarily through pasture- and forest-based ecosystems, or “food forests,” to use a term we love. A food forest is a system in which a combination of trees and shrubs draw nutrients up from deep in the ground to create the fruit and nuts that then feed us and our livestock in a way that is truly sustainable and brings as much enrichment to the land and soil as it does to the community. The food forest is a method of agriculture in which plants and livestock are co-dependent and are managed in ways that benefit the entire farm. It is the nature of nature to grow food! In this model we see nature taking its course as nitrogen-fixing trees and shrubs also provide food for goats, and excess, low-growing berries feed turkeys, for example. Those same animals are then a sustainable source of meat, eggs, and dairy, and the cycle continues. 

In 2016 we started with a 5 acre section of cow pasture at Barter Farm in Amelia, VA, and have since turned it in to the thriving farmstead that we lovingly call our "dirty farming paradise." For the last 3 years we have been planting and cultivating orchard fruits and nuts, growing a strong herd of dairy goats, building a pond and a few structures, inoculating hundreds of mushroom logs, and have learned all of the easy ways - and many of the hard ways - of working with both plants and livestock. 

In 2019 we are absolutely thrilled to embark on our first year of providing our Amelia and the surrounding region with downright delicious, farm-fresh meat, eggs, produce, and dairy. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for all the love and support we have received for Gobble-Berry thus far. We love being your farmers!

Life in the dirty, farming paradise...

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